Wedding Dance Classes

Make your first dance memorable!

About Wedding Dance Classes

How much time is required?

I usually recommend at least 5 to 8 lessons prior to your wedding (1-2 months). How fast a couple learns is usually dependent on the male, and depending on how fast you learn and how good your rhythm is, you could learn to dance in anything from 1 to 10 lessons.

The less time is available to learn to dance, the more one focus on routines rather than technical skills.

Do I have to have rhythm to be able to dance?

Strangely enough no...Rhythm can be taught in a relatively short period and a routine can be worked out that suites your skills and capabilities. Feel free to give us a call if you are in doubt!

Your first class

Pick your song

Your song matters. Whether it is fast, slow or simply different, your dance moves and style must suite the song. There is no need to search for a song that fits your dancing style, rather find a dance style that fits your song.

The wedding dress

The wedding dress plays an important role when deciding what dance moves to include. Will it allow you to do dips or turn? It is best to select dance moves that will flow with the dress rather than moves that will simply be impossible in your dress.

What if I don't have rhythm, no experience?

No problem, we'll teach you rhythm. Experience is never a requirement to learn to dance. We take you on your own time and will see early in the first lesson what and how fast we can teach you. We strongly believe that dancing should be enjoyed whether you are learning or just dancing.

The more relaxed you are, and the more you enjoy dancing and the faster you will learn.

How long before the wedding should I go for dance lessons?

Don't wait too long. Start preferably 2-3 months before the wedding. If you are unsure about your rhythm, go for a lesson or two 4 or more months before the wedding after which we can identify how much time is necessary. On the other hand, don't leave dancing for the wedding only, dancing is an activity that is a lot of fun together and is worth learning regardless of when your wedding is!

Click here to view our pricing options. We recommend the beginners and a private class to kick off with.