Informal / Sokkie Dance Classes

Informal, fun, but at the end you can dance!

Sokkie has come a long way and has been influenced by many different styles. It is still a unique dance and has a little bit more to it than most people think. In recent years sokkie has been classified by the music written for it instead of the possibilities of the dance itself. 

First of all, sokkie is not meant for "Afrikaanse sokkie treffers" or "Afrikaans sokkie hits" only, but can be danced on virtually any type of music, be it hip-hop, trance, rave, pop, you name it. Most of the advanced sokkie moves requires music of a higher quality than your standard Afrikaans hits. 

Sokkie is not dependant on a fixed syllabus of what you need to learn when but rather a more free-flow dance, in other words, if the man is a good sokkie dancer he should be able to do virtually all of the moves with any girl.

We are bringing the oemf back into sokkie! It is no longer for just the old, but full of energy and excitement. Sokkie allows us to take the most interesting moves of any dance form and incorporate it into an informal dance allowing you to do it with anyone, anywhere, anytime, on any music.

We have two sokkie / informal dance classes available:

Beginners Class Mondays 19h00 to 20h00
Advance Class Mondays 18h00 to 19h00

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