Dance Class Summary

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Sokkie/Informal Classes:

Informal says it all. Our aim is to make it as much fun as possible to learn how to dance (sokkie), now matter how much you might struggle! While we keep a positive environment we also focus on the minor details and ensure that not only can you dance when you finish with the classes, but that you can also dance in style!

With special teaching techniques we teach the men how to lead and ladies how to follow, all while having fun!

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Wedding Dance Classes

Any style that you desire, whether its fast, fancy, slow or waltz! Let us know what your song is and we'll find the perfect dance for you and your partner. Your first dance together as husband and bride should be relaxed, enjoyable and give you time to focus on each other. While we can choreograph a dance, we prefer to teach you both how to dance and provide you with a more naturally enjoyable dance.

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Singles Class

Our singles class is new and starts in 2017. The Dance2Evolution website allows you to find a dance partner. At class however we encourage dancers to swap partners. On top of that we have our monthly social dance event as well as various dance school social events.

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