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We regret to inform everyone that we have decided to bring our group classes to a halt.
Private classes are still available, but from August there will no longer be group classes.

Two left feet? Want to learn a few new dance moves?

Dance2Evolution is a dance school based in Bloemfontein, Free State, South Africa. We believe everyone should be dancing, young or old!

Rhythm is not that difficult to learn! You just need the right guidance and learn in a positive, friendly environment. For more than 14 years we've been teaching young and old how to dance, not failing once! Whether you need help to get going or simply want to expand on your dance capabilities, Dance2Evolution is the right place for you.

We believe classes should be informal and fun to encourage easy learning. Our beginners class kicks off with the very basics to ensure that you dance properly and beautifully as a couple. In our advance classes we focus on a few extra (and sometimes fancy) moves. To date we have an arsenal of over 70 moves!

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What does Dance2Evolution offer?


Suitable Times

Join group or private classes that fits around your needs as an individual or couple.


Expert Guidance

We guide your from the beginning and get rid of those blocks that dancers so often struggle with.



Various class options to suite those who struggle or those who want to excel.

Online Tools



Utilize our online resources to practise at home or refresh your memory.



Manage your membership and payments online.



Need a partner? Our online matching service helps you to easily find a dance partner!

There's right, and there's wrong

Dancing is by no means difficult and should not be overcomplicated. There are however a few small things that play a crucial role when it comes to sokkie. When the small things are corrected a couple starts to look like two professionals!

Friendly and Informal

One of the keys when it comes to learning how to dance is to have fun and enjoy the learning process. We keep our classes informal, friendly and always full of fun. Dance, listen, laugh...What better way to spend an evening!

Style and Grace

Ever wondered how couple glide over the dance floor? No sweat...It is within your grasp with a little bit of training and enough practise! It is not only about the moves you can do, it is also with how much grace and finess you can dance. Our focus is both on quantity and quality.

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